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At Vidmagin, we're passionate about harnessing the potential of asynchronous video communication to revolutionize how people and businesses connect. Our vision is to enable seamless communication, forging valuable bonds and boosting efficiency across industries.

about vidmagin
About Vidmagin

Convenient & Credible

Vidmagin is a one-way video assessment tool that enables users to analyze the potential of an individual or a product at different levels.

The system uses asynchronous model to collect video responses, thereby eliminating the most cumbersome task of meeting scheduling. The assessment process is made very convenient for the users so the communication happens between them even if they are not available at the same time and place.

The process is carried out by sending out carefully designed question set and collecting the respective video responses. By allowing to get video responses sequentially and in an organized method, Vidmagin ensures simple and effective video analysis in comparison with regular video recording tools.

Why VidMagin

One tool

Many use cases

Vidmagin is one of the perfect examples for the phrase - one tool many use cases. True to this, Vidmagin can be used across different industry verticals for a variety of tasks such as; Asynchronous Video Interview, Remote Video Testimonials etc. . Below are some of the merits that warrants the use of Vidmagin.

Ease of Use

Vidmagin prioritizes simplicity. Its user-friendly interface ensures that users can effortlessly navigate the process, making it accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise.

Conducive Environment

Vidmagin creates a secure and trustworthy environment. With advanced security measures and compliance features, users can engage with confidence, knowing their data is protected.

Time Management

Vidmagin streamlines processes. By eliminating the need for in-person appointments and reducing manual reviews, it saves both users and institutions valuable time, expediting various tasks.​​

Credible Outcome with Video

Vidmagin ensures a credible outcome, enhanced by the power of video. Its rigorous compliance standards and advanced verification techniques, including video, result in accurate and reliable processes, meeting regulatory requirements and instilling trust in the platform.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Vidmagin is a versatile asynchronous video communication platform designed to transform the way individuals and businesses connect. It empowers users to create tailored questionnaires, collect responses in various formats, and engage in asynchronous video interactions.

Vidmagin enables users to create questionnaires with specific questions and time limits. Respondents can answer these questions using video, audio, images, and more. Vidmagin supports asynchronous communication, allowing interactions to occur at the convenience of both parties.

Vidmagin offers a range of features, including

  • Asynchronous Video Communication
  • Multimedia Responses (Video, Audio, Images)
  • Customization (Tailored Questionnaires)
  • Data Security and Privacy

For candidate pre-screening, you can create customized questionnaires for job applicants. Set time limits for critical questions, send these questionnaires to candidates, and review their responses at your convenience.

Yes, Vidmagin enhances people profiling for dating and matrimonial websites. You can create personalized profiles, ask specific questions, and receive multimedia responses to foster meaningful connections.

Absolutely! Vidmagin is ideal for obtaining video testimonials. You can request feedback from customers, create tailored questionnaires, and collect authentic video testimonials that add credibility to your products or services.

Vidmagin automates the letter of intent submission process for international university admissions. Prospective students can download a link from the university, answer specific questions, and submit documents at their convenience.

Vidmagin prioritizes security and compliance. It offers seamless video verification for customers, user-friendly experiences, and efficient processing, ensuring data security and customer convenience.

To get started with Vidmagin, you can contact us for inquiries or request a live demo to experience the platform in action.

Yes, we provide customer support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using Vidmagin. Contact us for assistance.

Yes, Vidmagin can be integrated into your existing platform or website. Our team can work with you to ensure a seamless integration that aligns with your brand's style and functionality.