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about vidmagin
About Vidmagin

Convenient & Credible

Vidmagin is a one-way video assessment tool that enables users to analyze the potential of an individual or a product at different levels.

The system uses asynchronous model to collect video responses, thereby eliminating the most cumbersome task of meeting scheduling. The assessment process is made very convenient for the users so the communication happens between them even if they are not available at the same time and place.

The process is carried out by sending out carefully designed question set and collecting the respective video responses. By allowing to get video responses sequentially and in an organized method, Vidmagin ensures simple and effective video analysis in comparison with regular video recording tools.

Why VidMagin

One tool

Many use cases

Vidmagin is one of the perfect examples for the phrase – one tool many use cases. True to this, Vidmagin can be used across different industry verticals for a variety of tasks such as; Asynchronous Video Interview, Remote Video Testimonials etc. . Below are some of the merits that warrants the use of Vidmagin.

Ease of Use

Vidmagin is extensively designed and tested to make the entire flow from setting up the evaluation process to getting the answers and reviewing them.

Conducive Environment

Anywhere, anytime, any device makes Vidmagin the most convenient platform for conducting any type of assessments and for all stake holders involved.

Efficient Time Management​​

A very effective workflow that cuts down the arduous task of meeting scheduling process and also allowing a high volume of assessments to be covered in a very short time.​​

Credible Outcome

The video output provides authenticity to the response making it more dependable for everyone.


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Surendranath Mohanty

Managing Partner at iRely.in

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Pricing plan

Affordable pricing

Personal Plan


  • 5 Credits
  • 5 Minutes Recording
  • 1 Day Response Storage
  • Download Video Responses
Small Team Plan


  • 10 Questions Per Credit
  • 20 Minutes Recording
  • 2 Day Response Storage
  • Download Video Responses